Celebrating the well-dressed man: Omaha’s Rossi Clothiers offers elevated casual styles

As owner reaches 80th birthday milestone, he reflects on career in men’s fashion

Text: Mike Watkins | NRG Media
Photos: Rossi Clothiers

Even if he won the lottery tomorrow, a month away from 80 years old, Charlie Rossi still wouldn’t retire.

He loves what he does - and the difference he makes in the lives of his clients - too much to stop, or even slow down.

"I feel blessed to do this, and to have done it for as many years as I have," says Rossi, who opened Rossi Clothiers in Rockbrook Village in 1991.

Rossi Clothiers caters to the professional man with a high-end inventory.

"We offer a wide range of elevated casual clothing from independent brands to well-recognized names," Rossi says. "Casual clothing should be interesting"

It's all in the details, he says. The thoughtfully created print of a shirt, limited edition hand-numbered jeans, sweaters knitted with the inspiration of the terrain of a small island off the coast of Ireland, hand-finished leather jackets, and more.

Since he started in the fashion industry, Rossi has made it his mission to treat his clients - most of whom he knows by name - with the utmost care and respect. He doesn't sell you something just for the sake of the sale. Rossi fosters trust and familiarity not only with the products he sells but also with the person he is.

After all, he is the Rossi in Rossi Clothiers.

Special events planned for Charlie's birthday

April 6

Representatives from highlighted brands will be in the store, including Todd Davidson with Castangia, which features luxury clothing including hand-made suits and sport coats from Sardinia, Italy; and Tony DeFalco with Crockett & Jones, which features high quality hand-made shoes from England.

April 13

Representative Dorian Anderson from Samuelsohn of Montreal will be in the store. Samuelsohn is known for beautiful sport coats and suits.

April 17

Charlie's birthday

Designer Alexander Julian will be in the store with his spring and fall 2024 collection pieces. Julian's long and illustrious career has included being costume designer for the 1992 movie, "The Player." Julian is known for designing his own fabrics. His textile design is part of the Smithsonian's permanent collection.

April 20

Designer Jerry Kaye will be in store with his spring and fall 2024 collection. Jerry's design career spans 25+ years, including creative director for Perry Ellis clothing in the late '90s and early 2000s. The collection features sophisticated sportswear made in Italy.

‘Attention to detail’

"I received some great advice when I was a salesman at Neiman Marcus," he says of his first sales job in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, in the early 70s. "'If you own a store, it should have focus, not try to be all things to all people.' That's something I've held true throughout my career, and something that I hand down to everyone who works with me."

After several educational years with Neiman Marcus, Rossi moved to Omaha in 1977 to marry his now wife, Karen. Once in Omaha, he worked for more than 12 years with Suttons in Regency Court as a buyer and salesman.

Then came the opportunity to open and run his own store. In 1991, Rossi took all that he had learned from his first few jobs and adapt it to his own sales philosophy. For the nearly 33 years since then, it's been his top priority to "consistently provide personalized service with a great fit and attention to detail."

His clientele includes men in their 60s and 70s, as well as younger men who "understand the importance of quality as well as cost."

"We are about repeat business," Rossi says. "That's our hallmark and why we've been successful for as long as we have, and that's why relationships are so important with our clients."

Customers are so appreciative of the quality of products and service that they keep coming back.

"I have many clients who were here when we started who still shop with us because of this longstanding relationship."

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Elevate your style with Rossi

Rossi Clothiers offers curated quality brands, custom suits and classic, tailored styles. Learn more about their exclusive brands or their on-site tailoring services.

‘Stand the test of time’

Despite the frequent changes in men's professional dress style over the past few decades - and a recent move to a more relaxed look in the office -sales remain strong with certain clientele, Rossi says. Namely: lawyers, doctors and men who work in finance.

"They are still expected to dress professionally, and they know my product is the kind of quality they want and need," he says. "I'm always ready to trust my gut feeling when it comes to new styles - what's going to be strong or hot - and suggestions for clients."

And then there's the expert tailoring.

Because he doesn't carry a large inventory due to space and cost, many of his clothes are made to measure; they require tailoring for a "confident, comfortable fit."

"We work with premier European fabric mills, and proudly offer Samuelsohn and Castangia custom sports coats, suits and trousers, as well as Emanuel Berg custom shirts. Our on-site tailor is here to ensure the perfect fit."

When he turns 80 on April 17, 2024, Rossi says there's nothing he would rather be doing than running his store, where every day feels like winning the lottery.

"There aren't many other businesses like mine that provide quality and style that continue to stand the test of time," he says.

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